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So I know I have bashed on pop music and have commented on the artists that make the stuff. But in my defense, I really can’t help myself. It’s too easy to make fun of Beyonce or Lady Gaga. I know they work hard and probably even deserve to be on the charts but I still don’t like there music. It’s just not my style. Course I have been told that I should revere Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert. I don’t get it but whatever. Back to pop music. I understand that pop music is short for popular music. And its true. Most of the songs that are considered pop are heard everywhere. Commercials, radio, Safeway, book stores, you will hear these songs and probably even enjoy listening to them. I understand why other people love pop songs. So for all of those campy, happy, song loving people this entry is dedicated to you. Read More »


So incase you guys couldn’t tell, I’m feeling the whole Latin music scene right now. But this band isn’t really from that realm. These guys can be labeled a hardcore punk  band but their latest album features Mariachi music. Yes…Mariachi music. And yes, this is music where the guys are dress in those silver studded charro outfits with wide brimmed hats. Now if you take away all of the negative connotations or bad stereotypes that surround this genre you will hear the Mariachi music has so much to offer.

Throughout its history this kind of music has experimented with vocals, brass, wind, and percussion instruments. In my opinion it has influenced many bands in the Latin world that have crossed over to mainstream. For instance, Ozomatli, Selena (although she was more Tejano music), Cafe Tacuba, and let’s no forget Luis Miguel. Now if you know none of these people, please do yourself a favor and listen to them. I’ll get off of my soap box now and allow you to discover what Latin music really has to offer. And no, J.Lo is not one of them!! Read More »

Flamenco, Reggae, Cuban flare, and North American folk music. These genres are radically different in some cases… but one group has managed to combine these sounds as if they were meant to be together. How is this so? Well, this requires another history lesson. On their myspeace page they mentioned something called Ida Y Vuelta (Round-Trip) songs. Apparently, this is a type of music that uses certain styles from Flamenco. For those who don’t know Flamenco originated in Spain or Spanish culture. Yes, Spanish does not mean Mexico or El Salvador. It means its from Spain!! But what makes Ida Y Vuelta music so innovative is that its mixture of Cuban, African, and Native American music.

Why this exchange of music genres occurred, I’m not really sure. If someone wants to explain to me the historical background for this I would really appreciate it.

But back to the music! Read More »

So remember that whole blog I wrote about string metal and a band called Judgement Day. If you don’t I highly recommend reading it. Here’s the link: Original Blog

But if you do, good for you. I have a new video from them and its a little crazy but funny. I don’t know if they were going for that but that was my interpretation. And it really made me want to buy this video game. It seemed really cool.

I’m not really sure why these guys broke up but a part of me was really upset when I heard the news. I had predicted that this band and Gym Class would known among MTV viewers. That wasn’t an insult, I swear. I just thought everyone would know and love their stuff. Unfortunately, GCH are sell outs (Hand in the cookie jar, really. C’mon guys!!!) Read More »

We all know this guy, right?


Or at the very least you recognize his band, Cobra Starship. You know… they had that song, Snakes on a Plane (Bring It) or most recently Good Girls Go Bad. Yeah, he’s the one in the white ray-ban glasses. (Which I heard you can buy on their website.) Well, before Gabe was part of Cobra Starship he was the front man for another band.
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I have been told that I don’t much variety when it comes to my music. I respond to these people with a raised eye brow and side smile that would even make the devil blush. Then I give them a list of the genres I have on my iPod. That always gets them because I don’t look like  the type that would have 2Pac before Beethoven. Let alone house before metal. That’s right you’re reading a blog from a heavy metal fan and proud of it. But I have to tell you, metal changed a lot since the glory days of Black Sabbath. I sort of like where its going but there are some things I just don’t understand. But I don’t want to go on a rant about how Hot Topic is the soul crushing franchise that has betrayed everything punk, metal, and even goth. No, I will not say such things. Read More »

Even though this band is no longer together and there seems to be no hope for a reunion, I still feel obligated to spread the word about them. I have to admit I didn’t like them when they first came out. I thought they were just another screamo band that just needed to go away. But then a year later I stumbled upon another song of theirs and it really did make me think twice about my original opinion. Then tragedy struck when I heard they had broken up and the album that I absolutely loved was their last. But to anyone who is curious about their sound I can only describe it best with one word.
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As much as it pains it to say it, The Lovemakers are no more. I am as shocked as you are but unfortunately it is a plague in this industry. We get addicted, we fall in love, and we sometimes even kill over it, but then we have to face the day when there will be no more. Goodbye dear Lovemakers. It was a good run.

Man, I am getting tired of good bands breaking up. I know tons of bands that are no longer together because of X.Y,Z. But the sad part is they broke up before they even had a chance for people to get to know their stuff. Well I’ve had enough. I have decided to write about bands that should get together because its time for the world to know what they were missing. So get ready iPod addicts. You don’t know what’s going to hit you!!

As strange it may sound, I typically don’t watch TV. Its not that I don’t enjoy it (I’m not that strange). Its just that I find myself spending all hours of the day watching shows or re-runs to the point that I become lazy. And then I realize I spent a whole day watching TV when I should have been having a life. To avoid this outcome I wait until I’m on break from school to watch my shows. So the this past week I was able to watch one of my favs, Ugly Betty. Well, in one particular show Betty was trying to get over her ex, Matt, but she had to act strong at a party they were both at because he brought a date and she was alone. But then a cool sound came on when Betty decided to dance by herself. The song was called Bulletproof and the band who created such a sound was Read More »