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So I know I have bashed on pop music and have commented on the artists that make the stuff. But in my defense, I really can’t help myself. It’s too easy to make fun of Beyonce or Lady Gaga. I know they work hard and probably even deserve to be on the charts but I still don’t like there music. It’s just not my style. Course I have been told that I should revere Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert. I don’t get it but whatever. Back to pop music. I understand that pop music is short for popular music. And its true. Most of the songs that are considered pop are heard everywhere. Commercials, radio, Safeway, book stores, you will hear these songs and probably even enjoy listening to them. I understand why other people love pop songs. So for all of those campy, happy, song loving people this entry is dedicated to you. I have found a pop group that we both can enjoy. Even though their latest album can fall under dance music their overall vibe is pop. They are called Alphabeat. Not Alphabet….but Alpha-BEAT. I practically drove myself crazy when I couldn’t find a band named Alphabet. Then I realized I was totally misspelling their name. So Alphabeat are based in the UK and have made some pretty significant hits since 2007.

One of them is called What Is Happening. Its just sticks with you and catchy. And the best part is, no one can disagree that this song belongs on the radio. I mean, I’m listening to it right now and my head can’t stop moving with the beat. If you like this song, you should really hear their new stuff. From what I’ve heard their just released a new album and its number 39 on the UK charts. The new album is called the Beat Is… and I think is really shows what Alphabeat are really all about. Fun, cool tunes, with a little flare.

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